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Flannagans Real Estate Ivanhoe

Flannagans Real Estate Ivanhoe


"To be regarded by the members of our community as the finest real estate company in Australia, and to earn this reputation not by self- promotion but by the opinion of the people we serve.

To develop relationships for life; to be a company that can be relied upon to use integrity, courage, honesty and ethics in all its dealings; to put our clients needs ahead of our own; and to always act in a manner that is right and fair."

Brent and Michelle Flannagan have been active in the Real Estate business for many years. With Brent leading the Sales Department and Michelle the Property Management Department, the pair have made quite an impact on the local scene.

With two attempts of belonging to a larger franchise group, Brent and Michelle felt that the restrictions imposed on them, and subsequently their clients, left no room to expand and develop the level of service and services they wanted to give their clients.

This lead to the decision to form Flannagan's Real Estate, where the reputation for achieving the best possible prices together with outstanding service have made Flannagan's the real estate agency of first choice.

Twenty years on, Brent and Michelle are still just as active in their business, albeit their roles have changed. Employing over 45 people and running the largest, most successful Real Estate Agency requires keen and accurate business acumen. The systems our company utilises to run smoothly have taken years and great expense to set in place.

The management at Flannagan's have travelled the world over, investigating and implementing these systems into the business. In February 2002 a new software system was installed that has streamlined the Property Management and Sales Department into one cohesive unit for greater efficiency to our clients.

We employ staff of the highest calibre. Our team is made up of administrative, support and property management staff and of course, salespeople. Every employee is as important as the next and a true team feeling is shared. This group purpose and direction ensures everyone performs their role to the maximum level obtain the company objective of meeting and exceeding our client's needs and expectations.

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